This new fully equipped music studio in the centre of Taunton offers facilities for recording, training, events and production. The Actiontrack Studio is run by experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds who offer unique support and creative input for all levels of music maker from beginner through student to fully professional. 
Instrument tuition
Song writing
Performance master classes
Musical literacy
Band arrangement
Music technology classes
Studio focused workshops
Recording - Mixing - Mastering
for bands and artists
Classes in:
Compression and EQ
PA Set up
Micing technique
Music production and
Music-Making projects,
Introductions to new techniques and musicians,
Drop in/jam sessions
‘Play Like You Used To’.  Dust off the guitar/flute/accordion etc. and  get playing again.

Arrangement and production
Jingles/Voice overs
Bespoke song writing
Music for theatre and
live performances
For bespoke packages or if you have any studio requiements that are not listed above then please feel free to contact us 
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Studio Workshop Sessions
Actiontrack Studio based music workshops give participants the opportunity to experience life behind the record, whether it's learning the drums, creating new songs or singing along to some of your favourite tunes. The sessions are designed to enable anyone to have a go whether they have no experience working with music at all or who are already making music as musicians, singers and producers, we focus on what they are interested in with all styles covered.
Sessions can include:
Instrument tuition (guitar / bass / drums)
Song composition using instruments
Song composition using music technology
Vocals and lyric writing including singing and rapping
Recording and mixing techniques
Music and lyric writing is a great and engaging way to help build confidence, self-esteem, communication and a sense of achievement as well as learning skills in musicianship, music technology, song and lyric writing and studio engineering. Everyone has a connection to music in some way or another and we have found it to be a great enabler and bridge into unlocking a whole host of different skills as well as personal and interpersonal development.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss the content of the sessions and to plan what would work best for the participants, any preferred outcomes, and the length and number of sessions that would be most appropriate to complete these outcomes.
Some organisations who are either currently using or have used our services previously include: Somerset Pupil Referral Units and education centres, Targeted Youth Support, Reach Youth Project and mainstream Somerset schools and colleges
PRICES - Studio Workshop Sessions
£80 - Up to 2 hours Studio Workshop Session (up to 5 participants)
£140 - Up to 4 hours (half day) Studio Workshop Session (up to 5 participants)
£240 - Up to 8 hours (full day) Studio Workshop Session (up to 5 participants)
PRICES FOR 2 OR MORE SESSIONS (booked and paid for in the same booking)

£70 - Up to 2 hours Studio Workshop Session (up to 5 participants)
£130 - Up to 4 hours (half day) Studio Workshop Session (up to 5 participants)
£225 - Up to 8 hours (full day) Studio Workshop Session (up to 5 participants)
PRICES - Studio Engineering
This tariff applies to bookings Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm
£50 - 2 hours (minimum booking)
£15 per hour there after
£130 - Full Day (8 hours)
£600 for a 5 day block (8 hours per day)
This tariff applies to booking Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm
£60 - 2 hours (minimum booking)
£16 per hour there rafter
£145 Full Day (8 hours)

Studio Spec


Line 6 Spider II Guitar Amp
Ampeg BA-115 v2 1x15 Bass Amp with Scrambler 
Roland KC 350 Keyboard Combo 
Fender Reissue Blues Deluxe
(Marshall JCM 900 Guitar Head 100W)
(Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Guitar Head)
(Orange Terror Bass Head 500W)
(Hartke 3500 HA Bass Head)
(Laney 4x12 Guitar Cab Loaded with Celestian Vintage 30's)
(1970's Oragnge PPC412  Loaded with Marshall branded Celestian Vintage 30's)
(Marshall 1960 Lead Guitar Cab)
(Ampeg 4x10 Classic HE Bass Cab)
(Hartke 4x10 XL Bass Cab)
(Peavey 1x15 Bass Cab)


Electro Harmonix POG 2 
Fulltone OCD Overdrive 
Ibanez CS MINI Stereo Chorus 
Ibanez AD MINI Analogue Delay Mini 
MXR EVH Phase 901
Morley Wah Pedal
(Roland DD6 Digital Delay)
(EHX Big Muff Tone Wicker)
​(EHX Bass Blagger Distortion)
(Ray Gun FX Booster Pedal)
(Mooer Cruncher)
(Mooer Hustle Drive)
(Mooer Trelecopter)
(TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb)
(Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass DI)
(Boss Mega Distortion 2)
(Jim Dunlop Volume Pedal)

Please note that items in brackets () are by request only and may not be available over the desired recording period, also a charge may be added for using these items
Control Room Spec
Apple iMac Desktop Computer
Ableton 9
Logic Pro X
Pro Tools 12
Allen and Heath GS R24M Mixing Desk
Focal SM9 Mid/near-field Monitors
Yamaha NS-10M Reference Monitors
Behringer Reference Amplifier A500

4 x DBX 160A Compressor Limiter
Yamaha SPX990
Yamaha REV500
Lexicon PCM 80
Lexicon 300L Digital Effects System
2 x Drawmer Dual Gate DS201
Solid State Logic - Logic FX G384
TL Audio Dual Valve Equaliser
DJ / Production Equipment

Apple Mac pro Tower and display monitor
Numark N4
2 x Technics Quartz Turntables
2 x Wharfdale Pro EVP-12PM
​Boss RC-202 Loop Station
2 x Korg Kaoss USB DJ Controller 
3 xPresonus AudioBox iTwo
Akai MPK Mini MK 2 Laptop Production Keyboards 
Ipad music tablets

Pianos / Keyboards

Roland RD 300 NX
Hammond Rhythm II
Novation LaunchKey 49 MIDI Keyboard
Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Synth 
Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad 

2 x Neuman U87 ai
2 x Sennheiser MD421 II
Rhode NT2
AKG C451 B/ST Stereo Pair
2 x AKG C414 B-ULS
Shure BETA 52
Shure BETA 91 A
2 x SE Electronics R1 Ribbon Mic
Beyerdynamic M201 TG 
3 x Shure SM 57
6 x Shure SM 58
EV Cobalt Co4
Sennheiser e825 s
Beyer Dynamic '58' style mic


Gretsch Catalia Birch 5 Piece Drum Kit

MEINL Conga Drums
Roland TD-1K V-Drum Kit 
Sabian AAX X-Plosion Cymbals 
Mapex Black Panther Fastback 12x7in Maple Snare 
Mapex Black Panther Machete 14x6.5in Steel Snare
(Gretsche Catalina Club Rock Maple 5 Piece Drum Kit)
(Pearl UltraCast 14x6.5 snare)

Guitars / Basses

Aria Pro II Bass guitar
Fender 'Telecaster' Stratocaster Hybrid
Avalon Acoustic Guitar
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO Guitar 
Santos Martinez SM501 Nylon Acoustic 
Ashton Dreadnought Steel Acoustic 
Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ
(Fender 72 Custom Telecaster)
(BC Rich Gunslinger USA)
(Fender Areodyne Jazz Bass)