Of Monsters and Men
St Columba's College Showbuild 

Actiontrack regularly tour their Showbuild model in the UK and elsewhere.
The entire show is constructed out of the participant’s ideas and then structured by the Actiontrack team.

Sometimes the shows take a nonsensical route, sometimes the team work with adaptations and here the show combined two adaptions as the participants created a very macabre and grotesque production:  ‘Of Monsters and Men’.

The two ideas that intertwined were the tales of the ‘creation of Idols’ (eg: Marilyn Monroe) and Frankenstein.

The group took the ideas on maturely and sensitivity and an atmospheric piece was performed on the Saturday evening.

Through the process of devising the participant’s knowledge of movement, directing, acting, dance and music broadened. The topical content of this piece in particular also taught the participants to not always trust what’s on the surface.

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