Open Studio
Actiontrack Studio, Taunton 

Actiontrack celebrated the launch of their community recording studio in the centre of Taunton with a full week of activity.

Actiontrack opened the doors of the studio to the public and musicians of Somerset and the world!

The week comprised of jam nights, workshops, recording sessions and all came to an end with a big party to celebrate.

Actiontrack were lucky enough to be able to offer workshops run by highly skilled professionals including Blur and U2 producer Ben Hiller, singer and songwriter Nicki Wells and top international DJ Joe Farr.

The whole week was a huge success. The studio was officially opened with a bang when the Dhol Foundation helped celebrate the opening with an ‘invite only’ party at the end of the week.

Off the back of the success of this Open Studio Week, Actiontrack now run a similar week of activity every year.

For more informaton on the studio please click here.
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Check out this video using footage from the week