On The Record Project
Actiontrack Recording Studio Taunton

So far ‘On The Record’ has worked with around 300 young musicians from across Somerset to create over 80 professionally produced tracks on 10 albums with tracks ranging from experimental rock-music, through world-music inspired pieces, and the classical tradition to spoken word tracks and everything in between.

The project is run out of our recording studio in Taunton, and supported by the Somerset’s music education hub, ’ Sound Foundation Somerset.

Every record is themed and young music-makers, lyricists, song-writers and composers are encouraged to respond to the theme as creatively as possible. 

Tracks are written and demos created before going into a full production process where young people are given first hand experience of what it takes to work as a session player, producer, singer or arranger in the music industry.

Throughout the process participants are supported by Actiontrack musicians / producers and the albums are then released to the public. 

You can hear examples of the music created in this project on our bandcamp page.  
‘a fun and positive experience’ project participant

‘records filled with so many varieties of different genres, emotions, collaborations and stories’project participant

‘a brilliant project’ - music leader