Indonesian Multi Arts week
Maiden Beech School

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The Gamelan is a traditional Indonesian orchestra comprising metallophones, gongs and bells.

Every village in Indonesia has at least one to use during celebrations, rituals, concerts and performance for tourists.

Actiontrack are main delivers of workshops in Somerset using the county’s Javanese Gamelan.

Actiontrack tour local schools teaching the students how to play and also introducing them to a new musical culture.

These workshops are supported by the Sound Foundation Somerset the county's Music Education Hub.

Sound Foundation Somerset funded an extra strand to the workshops in 2016 to integrate the other traditional Indonesian art forms into the workshops.

As well as the music the team explored the ideas of dance, theatre and puppetry techniques to tell the traditional tale of Tu-Tu Moo and the Giant.

After a week of workshops and a full day of rehearsal the entire year 9 from Maiden Beech Academy in Crewkerne, performed their adaptation of the traditional Indonesian performance filled with storytelling, dance, music and shadow puppets.

It was a unique performance that introduced the students to new art forms and cultures.