The story of Uncle Moon
Hauser and Wirth, Somerset

During a blustery April afternoon in 2016 students from two schools in Bruton, Somerset, performed a unique piece telling the story of ‘Chanda Mama Door Ki’ - a traditional Indian Nursery rhyme.

The performance took place on the grounds of​​ Hauser and Wirth Somerset, where Actiontrack had been leading workshops with local students.

The piece was created as a reaction to Subodh Gupta’s exhibition that was being exhibited at the gallery at the time. Subodh is an Indian sculptor based in New Delhi.

Subodh specialises in creating pieces that are a reaction to the world around him. One of the largest pieces in the exhibition was named ‘Chanda Mama Door Ki’ and was a giant rice pot made up of over 200 pots and pans suspended in the air. 

In reaction to the exhibition the students of Upton Noble Primary and Bruton Primary created a physical interpretation of ‘Chanda Mama Door Ki’, which tells the tale of a conversation between a young boy and Uncle Moon.

The students acted as well as danced in an authentic Bollywood style and even learnt and sing the whole nursery rhyme in Hindi. 

The project was a huge success and the wind eased and allowed the sun to shine for the performance on the gallery grounds.

You can see the whole performance here on the Hauser and Wirth YouTube page, or via the video below. There are also many photos on our Facebook page

“It was the best project our school has ever been involved in”
- Mark Solomon, Head teacher at Upton Noble and Bruton Primary. 
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