About Actiontrack                                                                                                 

For the past 30 years Actiontrack performance company have been changing the shape of participatory arts, and making spectacle happen. Initially based in Devon, and now in Taunton in Somerset, Actiontrack have become one of the leading companies in community theatre and participatory arts.

What we do
Actiontrack work in a variation of structures, from individual workshops and supporting hard to reach vulnerable groups, to large scale community plays and engagement projects. Artist residencies and long term contracts with local authorities have built Actiontrack a strong reputation in the county.
Actiontrack have developed unique processes that are collaborative at all times. Whatever form the groups and workshops take, the participants create and share responsibility for any work that is undertaken. The artists in the company have a voice too - not simply facilitating the group or bringing a predetermined package. The artists bring structure and methods, but the ideas and product are essentially the participants own. The groups have truly created something special and unique. This ethic continues to underpin all the work that the company delivers at every scale.
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